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Would you like to work with us?

Hótel Norðurland is a diverse workplace for people with all kinds of talents. We are always looking for talented and service-minded individuals to join us and would love to hear from you!

We strive to be the best

Hotel Nordland seeks out employees that have superior knowledge and/or experience, show enthusiasm, professionalism, and are able to cope with challenging tasks in an international environment.

We strongly emphasize that our employees have the customer’s needs in mind at all times and work together to find the best solutions as well as being punctual, honest, and service-minded. We also place great emphasis on the satisfaction of our staff and their potential for growth and prosperity.

Our employee policies

Human resource policy

Hotel Norðurlands’ goal is to hire, enable, and keep talented and trustworthy employees.
We are proud of who we are and support our employees in achieving success in their work, strive to be fair, and do our best to ensure the equality, safety, and privacy of our employees.

Equal salaries

The policy of Hotel Norðurlands is that all employees receive equal pay and conditions for the same or equivalent work.

Equality policy

Hótel Norðurland contributes to ensuring that equal opportunities are ensured between all employees and that each employee is assessed regardless of gender, age, or origin. This applies to e.g. equal rights to work, facilities, education, and benefits for equally valuable and comparable jobs.

Privacy policy

Hotel Norðurland places a strong emphasis on privacy and shows the utmost caution in handling all personal information. All processing of personal information at Hotel Norðurland shall be in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and fundamental privacy considerations. 

Available jobs

General application

Hotel Norðurland is regularly looking for talented employees for varied jobs. Please submit a general application and we will keep you in mind when exciting opportunities open up.

All applications are stored for 6 months. However, if you see an exciting and suitable position advertised on our website, we urge you to apply again for that position.

General applications are not answered but are treated as confidential. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have a clean criminal record.